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Acoustic Beacon HLD-ULD601 for all type

Creator: guojb       Date:2019-07-17
In line with our philosophy of continuous improvement of services to our valued customers, we had streamline the type of acoustic beacons approved for use. With effect from 01. May 2019, Acoustic beacon approved for use on Highlander Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) is: Maker: Highlander Model: HLD-ULD601 Part Number: 260500403C0 Models of the VDRs affected by the change: 1. Highlander HLD-VDR 600 VDR 2. Highlander HLD-SVDR 600 SVDR 3. Highlander HLD-B2 VDR 4. Highlander HLD-S2 SVDR 5. Highlander HLD-A2 VDR 6. Highlander HLD-S SVDR All renewals must be replaced with the above beacon as APT records will automatically be update. Service agents must submit photograph evidence of the replaced beacon with the QR code and serial number clearly shown. Any other type of beacon used in replacement will not be accepted and Certificate of Compliance (CoC) will not be issued until evidence is provided to show the approved beacon is installed. Highlander wants to remind and inform all service agents, classification authorities and ship-owners that NO service agents are allowed to issue CoC by themselves or under their own name. If found, Highlander will take legal actions against the offending party and invalidate the Annual Performance Test (APT). Verification of the CoC authenticity can be done at our APT server pls check below link share folder to download 链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1GJ20a3TByJuu-DCwgzbRXA 提取码:rj0x
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