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If other beacon replace (not HLD-601)

Creator: guojb       Date:2020-07-17
VERY IMPORTANT!! ================= This is the application of the supplementary agreement is limited to the case that our company evaluates the owner or agents is unable to obtain our model beacon in case of an emergency ================= dear agents from date 17 July 2020, Here we request all of our agents , during APT job if beacon need to exchanged and pls note that follow our notice in May 2019 that to exchange highlander model beacon ULD-601, due some special case such as beacon spare parts not available at our stock or deposit center or new beacon defective etc, then have to exchange other model of beacon (not highlander HLD-601 beacon) as makeshift, so you must inform highlander and get highlander permission in advance(1 to 5 days before),and submit the permission letter to APT sever too, otherwise , the COC will be suspended , and your certificate can’t apply prolong again when expired. thanks for all your attention.
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