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VDR B2/S2 APT CPU battery & FAN exchange

Creator: guojb       Date:2020-09-28
Dear agent,

pls noted recently we found that our model VDR HLD-B2/S2 CPU's
Button lithium battery type:BR2032, due to it's dead conduct the VDR SCU and
system recording time reset and Unable to actually synchronize with GPS UTC
time, This leads to a series of behaviors that recording data anomalies, here
we reiterate to all agent that during B2/S2 APT , PLS DO CHANGE THE CPU
LITHIUM BATTERY and CPU FAN during the APT job, and also double check again to
make sure the VDR system time are synchronize with GPS UTC time while debark,
and pls mark above step at your service report, for us to check, if no
mentioned above, the COC will be suspend. thanks all your attention.

The requirements shall take effect as of the date of this announcement Septembe-28-2020
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