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APT file fail to upload solution 09-2021

Creator: guojb       Date:2021-09-12
Dear agents!

Our apt sever meet some agent's feedback
about fail to submit apt files issue,
as we know such problem happened when using google browser "Chrome",
or the Flash Player not supported to show browser button,

pls follow the solution list here:

Step 1. login apt sever by your account and fill the VDR basic informaiton
* IMO number :"__fill here__"
* vessel name:"__fill here__"
* apt date:"__fill here__"
* apt place:"__fill here__"
* vdr SN:_"__fill here__"
* Name of inspector:"__fill here__"

Step 2. fill "___by email or by wetransfer___" instead upload files for the 5 upload items
*Test report : "___by email or by wetransfer___ "
*Service report: "___by email or by wetransfer___ "
*Survey form: "___by email or by wetransfer___"
* LOG file: "___by email or by wetransfer___"
*Data file: "___by email or by wetransfer___ "
then click "submit" button
go to check the above files are show on the sever list

Step 3. pls send all data file to email(within 15MB):
TO: guojb@highlander.com.cn

if your data file larger than 15MB which can't send by email
pls control file size less than 50MB and send it by wetransfer
To: guojb@highlander.com.cn

we will upload the files once we received it.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

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